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Please bear with us as we attempt to join the new millennium with a functioning up-to-date website. Thank You!

A To-The-Point News Bulletin: 

- is the best place to keep up with Pipeworks happenings right now

-Friends with Benefits is currently full. If you donated and haven’t received a welcome e-mail, please send an e-mail to If you previously (before 3/15/12) sent an e-mail/facebook message about donating, don’t worry, we saved a spot for you!

-If you donated an amount lower than $ 100, we’ll also send you a welcome e-mail soon and we’re working on getting your backer rewards stocked (T-shirts, key chains, stickers, soon… tasting glasses and screen printed coupons already in, but yet to be dispersed)

- We unfortunately are NOT able to hire anyone right now.  We can’t even afford to pay ourselves yet and there are only 3 of us!  If you would like to volunteer or help out please contact us on our facebook page.  As we grow we’ll have full and part time positions open up.

- The bottle shop isn’t expected to open until late Summer.  Until then, here are the places you can find Pipeworks beer:

For distribution inquiries please contact:


Thank you for your continued support! During the past year we've raised over $ 85,000 from friends, family and generous strangers! Most notably through
-->Check it out!<--

    We've filled ALL OF THE SPACES for Pipeworks very own

Friends with Benefits

THANK YOU!!! If you've donated in the past week or so and have not received a Welcome E-mail please stand by! Also, if you wrote to us about donating and haven't heard a response, have no fear, we have saved you a spot and we'll be contacting you shortly! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Also, website under construction - updates coming soon!

Friends with Benefits allows any $ 100 or greater contributor the LIFETIME ability to reserve your bottle allotment of every single Pipeworks release (including growlers)  This means you'll never have to worry about missing out on one of our small batch releases because you were unable to make it to our shop in time.  It also means no waiting in line... EVER! Before a beer is released, we will contact our Friends (with benefits) to confirm your reservation of your allotment.  We'll then hold your beer for you until you can come pick it up!  (we'll also be able to ship to states where shipping of alcohol is legal) 
(if you've already donated and want to donate again to bring your total to $ 100 or greater, please contact and we have a separate link for you to raise your donation level)

In appreciation of your contribution, we are offering the same varying levels of rewards that we did on (starting from $ 100 & up) ranging from a Pipeworks Tasting Glass, T-Shirt, Beer Dinner, Make Your Own Pipeworks Beer & of course our 50% Off at our Bottle Shop Coupon!  We're offering these same rewards again when you make a contribution below! 

    About your Gift:

- If you've donated before (Kickstarter), we will total your donation in regards to your Backer Reward level
- We promise to re-donate EVERY dollar raised to a charitable cause of your collective choosing over the next 3-years
- In addition to Backer Rewards, every donor will sign a memorial plaque at the brewery to hang in the front of the bottle shop
- We will send you a confirmation e-mail before we print T-Shirts asking for your size and preference
- Gifts are non-tax deductable (not a non-for-profit)
- and THANK YOU!

Brewers are on their feet all day in heavy waterproof boots, so we'll be going through an army's worth of socks... the money from Friends with Benefits will go towards benefitting out feet! We need to buy SOCKS! lots and lots of SOCKS! 
 We need your help to Kickstart the Brewery! We have been working hard to develop beers we know you'll love. We've learned from some of Belgium's finest brewers and brought this knowledge back to Chicago. Now we are ready to take the next step and open our brewery. Check out the video below to see how you can help us bring our unique ales to the craft beer community. 
“Pipeworks beers are handcrafted in small batches ensuring the highest possible quality from brewday to consumption.  Based in classic brewing techniques, yet not confined by tradition,  Pipeworks aims to create bold drinking experiences for beergeeks and casual drinkers alike. By employing the Belgian tradition of referementing in the bottle, many of Pipeworks’ beers will continue to develop complexity for years to come.”

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